Self Realization Sevalight Associates 



  • Intuitive Counsellor
  • Pure Spiritual Healer
  • Animal Healing Practitioner (have Diploma in PSH + AH Certificate)
  • SevaLight Hatha Yoga Teacher
  • Pure Meditative Peace Teacher
  • Energy Care & Wellbeing Teacher


Ricananda Daly

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Ricananda lives and works at the Australian Centre as part of the spiritual family and has for many years devoted his life in service to all. As one of the first people to take the Pure Meditation course in Australia, Ricananda began incorporating spiritual living and developing his spiritual self by studying Mata Yoganandajis' teachings and training in the healing modalities and Yoga. During these years, he has worked as a builder gaining perspective in the art of managing energies and keeping balanced. Under Gurudevas' guidance and with her Blessing, Ricananda teaches Pure Meditation as well as other courses and is always willing to help other souls on their journey.